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Jumpin' In With Forest Green

Hello, my lovelies! 
I put myself off blogging for a few weeks because i wasn't quite sure how to pick up from where i left off a few months back. But guess what? I am very much over my uncertainty and i have decided to jump right back in. 
One major rule in life is that, there are NO RULES(the irony). You always have to grab the bull by it horns(this is a major key). In the world we live in today, there is really no time for fear or misgivings. You have to dream up what you want and chase the reality. Easier said than done, i'm still learning myself and it has not been easy.

Over to my outfit! On this day, I had no idea i was going to take any of these pictures it was more of a spontaneous "you look good" moment. When i saw the outcome of the photos, i knew i just had to put them on here. So here goes my very first outfit post after a very long 6 month break. I was feeling a bit playful, so why not colour coordinate? I put these boots on to give my 'fit a bit of a utilitarian look, and it totally brings the look together, if i do say so myself.

Coat - Topshop || Trousers & Boots - Mango || Bodysuit - Asos


So much for promises made.....

I know that i have promised to never go back on my blogging habits over a million times(and boy am i so ashamed of myself right now....) but honestly speaking, i have been a bit preoccupied with LIFE and trying to get it all right. However, i am all settled now and i am back to being a personal style blogger again. (YIPPIEEE!!!)


"Yellow Usually means it's not that serious" - Bobby Unser.

The days of summer are upon us and i couldn't be more excited. I really like coloured clothing and it sometimes annoys me that i don't have more of certain colour palettes in my wardrobe.

Yellow, amongst others, is a colour that i most definitely want to build up on.



Hey guys!

Back again with a new post. It's just a simple and casual outfit that i wore out early last week. I really love the denim trend and after seeing quite a number of bloggers and, even some of our favourite A-list celebrities rock the 'denim-on-denim' trend, i decided to give it a try myself and i quite like the way it turned out. 
If you guys would like to see me try out any of the spring/summer 2015 trends, you can either comment below or message me on my TUMBLR 

I am working on putting together a couple of summer looks for you all, so stay tuned.

Btw, I hope you all like this out fit post, till next time!

Denim Jacket - Rihanna for River Island || Denim Skirt - F21 || Crop Top - Topshop || Bag - River Island

Love, TPD xx


Take me on a trip, back in time ...

Hey y'all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and are looking forward to a new week.
Here's another outfit post from my archives, and i must say that i am loving these pictures.

Not only do i look extremely happy, but the picture quality as well as the outfit i am wearing, gave me a somewhat retro vibe.. do you agree???

Umm.. not much to say really, i was feeling a little lazy to play dress up and this was the easiest 'fit i could find. As a matter of fact, i could not even make it past the back of my building to take these photos.

I hope you all like them anyway.

Coat - Urban Outfitters || Pants & Purse - Zara || Crop Top - Miss Selfridge || Shoes - River Island

Till next time!!!
TPD. xx

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